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Mako Warranty & Guarantee

When you buy from Mako, your jetboard is covered by our manufacturer’s warranty that ensures you can buy with confidence and enjoy your powered surfing to the fullest.

It’s important to us that your Mako powered surfboard is always in good condition, and that you remain completely satisfied with riding it. However, if issues should arise, in addition to the legal rights you have, we also offer a 12-month warranty from the date of purchase.
  • 12-Months from date of purchase
  • Only for material and processing defects which already existed on delivery
  • On all Mako-manufactured parts (hull, engine, exhaust etc.)
  • Rebuilding, shipping and customs (if applicable) are paid for by the owner.

First Class
Service & Support

Diagnose troubleshooting and service issues faster and more accurately.


Genuine replacement parts if something goes wrong. Easier and faster.

Helpful Tips &

Tailored reminders to keep your machine working at its best, for longer.

Owner Benefits

Priority access to previews of new Mako products, events and offers.

How-To Guides & Videos

A selection of videos to guide you through daily care of your Mako, and to ensure you maximise its performance and keep it running at its best, for longer.

Your first Mako ride

A checklist for new Mako riders to keep you safe and get you out on the water, standing on your jetboard and carving those turns.

Engine Starting Issues

If you’re having trouble starting your engine here are some things to check and some tips of how to get you back out riding on the water.

Drain a flooded engine

If you find excess fuel or water ingress in your engine then follow this simple tutorial to drain your flooded engine as soon as possible.
Trouble starting your engine? Please read the Operator’s Guide or contact your local Mako Representative. Head over to our YouTube channel for more useful how-to’s and care guides.

Mako Operator's Guide

Read and follow Mako Operator’s Guide thoroughly before first use. The guide contains important operational and safety information. Disregarding these instructions could result in a jetboard malfunction and rendering it unsafe to operate which could lead to serious injury, and a warranty claim may be denied if, among other things, the owner caused the problem through improper use.
Mako Slingshot Jetboard - Side Profile
The digital download below contains the very latest jetboard information, which may vary from the printed manual originally provided with your Mako. It may describe operational procedures and technical specifications that are not fitted to, or operate differently on, your powered surfboard.

Mako Operator’s Guide last Updated 23 September 2021

The Right Fuel Mix

THE RIGHT FUEL When choosing a petrol to use, don’t go with the cheap stuff. Always use a high quality unleaded petrol with a RON octane rating of 92, a MON octane rating of 87 or a AKI (RON+MON)/2 octane rating of 91, or higher. Fuel with a lower octane rating may increase engine temperatures, resulting in the risk of piston seizure and damage to the engine.
RECOMMENDED OIL We also recommend that you use a high-quality fully synthetic 2-stroke oil, which is designed to deliver the highest levels of engine protection. Ensure the oil you choose meets the standards NMMA TC-W3, API TC, ISO-L-EGD or JASO FD/FC.
FUEL MIXING Knowing the proper way to mix your fuel is the first step in keeping your jetboard running strong and long. Your Mako runs on a 50:1 petrol and engine oil mixture.

So what does 50:1 mean? It’s simply 50 parts of fresh, unleaded petrol with 1 part of fully synthetic 2-stroke oil.

RATIO 2% Oil or 50:1
ML PER LITRE 20 Millilitres
ML PER 5 LITRES 100 Millilitres
FL.OZ. PER US GALLON 2.56 Fluid Ounces
ML PER US GALLON 75.72 Millilitres

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Your Peace of Mind

Your Mako has been designed to evoke emotion and set your pulse racing. It’s a feeling you’ll want to keep hold of every time you ride your jetboard. That’s why we’ve created a range of services that help you with every moment of ownership. From expert advice from our team of engineers to fast delivery of replacement parts, we don’t stop caring about your jetboard once it’s left the factory. Whatever you need, we’ll make sure your Mako works the way it should, for longer.

Expert Advice

Receive the right advice and support to help you get the maximum out of jetboard and riding your Mako. Quick, easy and consise.

Fast Delivery

No-one likes to be beached, it sucks! Our rapid response and swift despatch of parts ensures you get back onto the water in no time.


Our priority is to serve our riders with high quality jetboards, equipment and accessories, as well as to stand behind the products that we sell.

Spare Parts

A complete line of high quality jetboard and engine replacement parts for everything from repairs, to overhauls and component upgrades.