Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away…


Mako design is driven by the demands of performance. Taking bold decisions to redefine the future of surfing and how we play on water.


Mako relentlessly engineered each detail – so that all elements work harmoniously together, including those subtle details that are not so obvious, just simply experienced.


Only the meticulous and exacting hand of a true craftsman can deliver the design details and high level of finish that we demand, creating a quality that is simply not possible by any other means.

SOLIDWORKS ® offers Mako powerful functionality to speed up the design process and transform new ideas into great products.
We want you to design a travel case; the ultimate travel companion that’s practical, stylish and fully embraces the Mako spirit of adventure. To enter, follow the link to learn more about the Mako Boardsports Travel Case Design Competition sponsored by SOLIDWORKS ®.
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In the wild, the Mako is a marvel of evolution and one of nature’s most successful, most enduring designs.
For our jetboards to embody the characteristics of this magnificent creature meant leaving the status quo behind. Inspired by nature, Mako are now paying back with our commercial support for the Shark Trust.
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