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Mako Boardsports

Mako Boardsports are a group of like-minded designers and engineers who have a passion for the outdoors and watersports. For surfers, boardriders and watersport aficionados we build the finest quintessentially-styled jet-powered surfboard, the ultimate conduit of good times and fun on water.

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Over the past year we have tried to capture that feeling of being out on a wave. To create the coolest wave riding toy that can be ridden even when the swells are flat. A surfboard that emanates the spirit of spontaneous adventure, the freedom of being out on the water and fulfils those hard-earned moments of inestimable value.

This concept is still at the heart of everything we do and if you have ever ridden a Mako, you know that we’ve built our jetboards on making the ride better. In finding innovative solutions to some of the industry’s biggest challenges.

We’ve created new standards and set new benchmarks. We do things differently. It’s never about being different for different’s sake – it’s always been about generating an effect that improves the overall experience for you, our riders. It’s what make us tick and it’s what makes our job a true pleasure and privilege.

Mako Slingshot Motorised Surfboard
Made in Britain Marque

Each Mako is hand built by skilled technicians at our British-based factory. This ensures every Mako jetboard made is to the highest quality standards and integrity, with materials that where possible, minimize the environmental impact. British engineering and design is respected all over the world and we are proud to be part of this heritage, it’s what sets the Mako Slingshot apart from other jetboards. A Mako is as British as the black cab, the computer and the lightbulb – all innovative, exceptional and enduring.


Mako design is driven by the demands of usability and performance. To create a jetboard for professionals to be able to push to the limits, and for new riders to be able to safely learn and have a fantastic experience. The better the board performs, the more intense the sensation of the ride becomes. As such, emotion is still the heart and soul of every Mako jetboard – an expression of the experience itself. The harmonious proportions, clean-cut lines, bold contours and crystalline features involved continuous revision and honing, with a focus on precision and clarity. This ensured that the shapes and forms represent perfectly the Mako’s inherent power and dynamic abilities, while never diluting the fundamental proportions that are the essence of surfboard design, setting the Mako jetboard apart.


The Mako Slingshot is a masterful and intuitive blend of advanced hydrodynamics, premium materials and aerospace manufacturing technology. A next generation jet powered surfboard achieved through commitment to using materials honestly, without disguise or embellishment, to ensure that all the elements work harmoniously together including those subtle details that are not so obvious, just simply experienced. Each feature, such as the rocker, hull contour, rail, and tail shape has been evaluated and refined to maximize in-water performance while maintaining a superior level of stability. Using a range of leading technologies from rapid prototyping using 3D printers to ensuring precision via high-end CNC machine tools, our highly skilled in-house team are constantly improving the Mako jetboard to deliver handling and versatility while maintaining outstanding performance characteristics.


The value placed on select premium materials. The attention given to the tiniest of details. Mako stays committed to creating a hand-assembled, hand-finished jetboard for one simple reason… there is no better way to craft such an exacting product. Only the meticulous and exacting hand of a true craftsman can deliver the design details and high level of finish that our customers demand, creating a quality that is simple not possible by any other means. From the herringbone carbon fiber monocoque hull, to the meticulous engine assembly, the choices made by our masterly craftsmen and designers are decisive and express an ability to create excellence with an aura of the special.

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At Mako, we CARE!

Our core values give us a framework for leadership and daily decisions, and help us enjoy our time at work.

Customer Focus
The heart of our business. Every day we strive to achieve total customer success. We are committed to delivering products and a level of service that enhances our customer’s leisure time. To succeed and earn the trust of our customers, we must exceed their expectations every single day and with every interaction.
Accountability and integrity are at the core of everything we do. We are accountable for our actions to our customers, our suppliers, and to each other. We do not make commitments we do not intend to keep.
We foster an environment of teamwork, support and mutual respect. We respect our customers, our peers and our suppliers. We respect diversity and openness throughout our organization.
We are passionate about innovation and quality. We strive to achieve excellence in our products, our customer experience, our support, and in our partnerships. We set high standards for excellence and aim to exceed them.